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The Hibouleans Octavia Reese

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I absolutely adore writing and am slightly obsessed with the adventures of my imaginary friends I’ve created in the young adult novella series, The Hibouleans. I started writing them five years ago from my van when I was a full time mom. As I waited for my oldest son to get out of preschool, my second son was only a few months old and slept soundly in his carseat (my third son wasn’t even a cute little twinkle in my eye), and I sat in the momvan and typed away on my little purple netbook…

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All Hibouleans get Pellicularis, a hideous rash that would threaten to end any fourteen-year-old’s social life. Luckily, Taryn doesn’t have a social life to be slain in walled-off forgotten Detroit. Plagued with the rash and haunted by dreams of her late mother, Taryn is beginning to learn the truth about her strange family.

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Along with her best friend Priya and, to Taryn’s dismay, her crush Dayne, with his heart-stopping good looks, as they fight for the truth of a forgotten and terrifying culture and struggle to out run a growing army of enemies amongst the ruins of America’s greatest ghost metropolises.

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