holy minor-scale viral

Wow friends. I’m floored. I’m flattered.

And I have to say, the outpouring of love, support and empathy on this here R2R we’re taking together is simply¬†overwhelming. In just a few hours after posting a link to the pilot webisode, you — yawl out deah — have elevated and inspired all my hopes and dreams.

But it’s not just your support. It’s those of you that are actually ON this path with me. I mean, we all have issues, and we all are often¬†healing from something, but to those of you that have opened up to me about your own failed and failing relationships, be empowered. Be strong. Yes, it is isolating. Yes, it is crushing. But, yes, one day you will feel normal again. Trust me. Be true to yourself and do what you know is healthy for YOU. Just keep swimming.

So yes, 320 visitors in a few short hours. I feel like I won a title or something.

((pageant tears)) ((fans face)) ((world peace))

Thank you.

Octavia Reese Miss Michigan 2005 photo cred: Brooke Brennan



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