Can Guys and Girls “Just be Friends”?

Interesting. I always felt like I could hang with guys and have it not be weird. But I have to admit, it is weird. While I LOVE my guy friends, at some point (usually years later…thinking back to college) I am the fool because one or more of them admit to having had a crush on me.
I also feel like you get a pass if you’re both married or both in serious relationships because then, at least for mature adults with self control, you know better than to cross boundaries. Anyway, take a gander…

The Fickle Heartbeat


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A buddy of mine (who happens to be married) recently came across an old girlfriend, and they ended up going for lunch and catching up on each other’s lives. He mentioned this to me because they ended up exchanging numbers and talked about getting together again, and he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Especially because he enjoyed seeing her, and it brought back happy memories of the times they shared.

For anyone who’s a regular reader on, I’m pretty sure you can guess my advice. Umm, did I mention that he’s married? Yeah, he is. From talking to people, and reading assorted relationship books and blogs I know his situation is far from unique. I’ve touched on thoughts on straying when your relationship is in a rut and on affairs before. But I thought this story provided me with an opportunity to…

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A Letter to my Cheating Ex

oof…cheaters…do you KNOW what you do to people?

The Fickle Heartbeat


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Dear Cheating Ex,

It’s been a over a year since we split up, you’re still with Mr. Perfect and I’m still single. Mainly because I’ve been carrying the emotional baggage you handed me… the anxiety, paranoia, and the insecurity. Every time I check your Facebook to see you posting pictures at our favorite places with Mr. Perfect, a piece of me feels like it’s rotting away. I’ve tried to talk to girls thinking it would distract me, if only enough to keep from having nightmares, things got pretty serious with one girl but my constant paranoia makes it impossible for flowers to grow in this poisoned garden of mine. Every day I try to unpack these bags you gave me but it seems like an impossible task for just one person

Maybe it’s my fault, I mean, you cheated on me our entire four year relationship. Maybe…

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