Grammar matters -OR- punctuation saves lives

Why am I doing this to myself…((sigh))?



What? No.

I knew I had to save these or no one would believe me…


And PS don’t get bug-eyed…for anyone that knows me personally and is doing the divorce math, the Good Pastor and I had a discussion and after asking him several times if he was certain of divorce (are you SURE are you SURE are you SURE??) he gave me permission to start browsing the field while legally separated. Yes, I asked his permission. Why? Because. #thegoodwife



…I just want a new phone…

Ok I admit. I’m a serial dater. I love meeting people. At least once. Just to see who and what is out there. You can tell A LOT from a first date. And so why limit myself?
But sometimes… I just can’t keep up and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. This is all leading up to that men going nuts around the holidays thing…just wait.


And I haven’t even met this insulting psycho below. I just don’t understand…



why do men go crazy around the holidays part I

is it just me or do single men go insane this time of year?

it can’t just be me noticing this and I’m going to talk about it in my next webisode. I have my own stories.. what are some of yours?

Can’t wait to hear more¬†and try to¬†figure these beautiful creatures out…

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