the quality of being clear, in particular.

the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

“for the sake of clarity, each of these strategies is dealt with separately”

synonyms: lucidity, lucidness, clearness, coherence; formalperspicuity

“the clarity of his account”

the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.

“the clarity of the picture”

synonyms: sharpness, clearness, crispness, definition

“the clarity of the image”
Today I am feeling like Neo. Like I can see The Matrix. Tiny pieces of my life that seemed like isolated randomness, glitches, flukes, are now resurfacing as defining moments in the shaping of Me. 

Every decision I’ve made has meaning. Every interaction with another soul is transformational. Every moment matters. 

Never forget that you matter too. Everyday. And you are also impacting someone else’s life for the better-or worse…

What kind of instrumental role will you play in someone else’s life just by being you? 


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