a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

“he had stood in front of it, observing the intricacy of the ironwork with the wonder of a child”

synonyms:          awe, admiration, wonderment, fascination; More



desire or be curious to know something.

“how many times have I written that, I wonder?”

synonyms:          ponder, think about, meditate on, reflect on, muse on, puzzle over, speculate about, conjecture; be curious about

“I wondered what was on her mind”


feel admiration and amazement; marvel.

“people stood by and wondered at such bravery”

synonyms:          marvel, be amazed, be astonished, stand in awe, be dumbfounded, gape, goggle; informalbe flabbergasted

“people wondered at such bravery”


Sometimes in winter, I trace frost patterns and try to remember every snowflake shape I can capture. Mmm fractals…

Isn’t it amazing that we’re made of the same elements as snowflakes? As the stars? As the flowers that will pierce the ground in a few short weeks? 


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