love your lines 

I’ve been stunted by an acute influx of inspiration. Overwhelmed to say the least.

But today’s #loveyourlines movement was something I couldn’t bench. I just shared this on fb:

Commence rant. 

I didn’t know the #loveyourlines movement was a thing until it almost passed. But I’m so glad it’s a thing. Why? Because no, I’m not cold. No, I don’t think I should cover up. And no, I don’t think I need a bigger size or a one-piece or a sweater. Women are biologically designed to procreate. Girls are told with baby dolls to desire and strive for motherhood. But then we are shamed for the natural sideeffects of bearing our children: Weight gain. Stretchmarks. Engorged breasts. Nursing. Public nursing. Pumping. Stitches. Incontinence. Hemmerhoids. Deflated breasts. Exhaustion. Periods. 

Well eff off. 

I’m proud of every ounce of pain, strain and gain I’ve endured to bring my boys into this world. And if you tell me anything that has resulted from that is ugly, unattractive or undesirable, prepare to get shanked…

…Proverbially shanked. Just watch out. 

End rant. 





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