The Day I Knew

Another one I can relate to… that feeling of being together and alone all at once – desperately clinging to the idea that things will get better when so much of you knows they won’t – realizing you’re just not good together – acknowledging you both deserve to be happy but neither of you are – learning that leaving is better than aching and being ignored…

The Fickle Heartbeat

Back To The Sea

Shared by 8675309.

I woke up one day, and I hurt. Because my life had been lived for just a few years for the needs of others, yet there were no longer any others. My aunt for whom I was a daily caregiver had passed away. You spent all your time at the casino or on the computer. Your daughter only came to us on the weekend and she barely needed me. I had no hobbies, few friends, no children. So I took the time to improve myself. I lost forty pounds, I improved your home. Still you didn’t notice me. We still had sex. We still slept together. Men would do little chivalrous things for me and I would fantasize about what it would be like for you to care enough to do those things for me. I made time for you. You went to the casino and sat…

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