Dating – A Class I Never Want to Take Again

HA! I’m almost at this point… that //barely passing-so ready for graduation-throws cap (dating apps) in the air, never to be retrieved again// point…

I Quit Dating

When I first started this blog 5 months ago, I was still reeling over my last fling.

I was sad, upset, hurt, mad, and still in disbelief that I arrived at this point.

So what better way to bend my broken heart than to start a blog for the soul purpose of expressing all those feelings while semi-bashing the men who came into my life like lovable tornadoes?

At first I quit dating because of all the feelings that I described above. All those feelings of sadness and hurt and resentment that rushes through us. I did not want to date again because my sad self could not bear to be hurt again. I needed time. I needed to heal. I needed to feel.

And then I got over that.

I stopped being sad and traded the tears for anger. I was angry at these people for ditching someone like me…

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