you probly think this blog is about you…

Holy WTF?!

(Ahem, pardon my language. I work with a lot of men in a very masculine industry. And by the time I leave the locker room, I feel like the sailors I work with. And by sailors, I mean the handsome, hilarious, manly, kind, professional, hard-working, and genuinely AWESOME people that I’m so blessed and happy to call my teammates. I LOVE my job. And the people make it spectacular. Freal. Go team!)  

But back to my expletive. WTH

After publicizing my pilot webisode on my Facebook page, I suddenly received a barrage of texts from gentlemen-callers.

*Cue Carly Simon ~ You’re So Vain

((If you haven’t noticed, my life has a movie score in my  head. Every moment needs a song!))

“Wow, is that about me?”

“So when do you blog about me?”

“Am I going to make an appearance on your blog?”

So, while I had NONE of you in mind, I do now. Consider yourselves blogged.

🙂 <cheese>

You’re welcome.

I have to give an honorable mention to one guy that assumed my first post was about him and profusely apologized. That was very sweet. POINTS! But no, not you ^_^

So here’s the thing. I’m not out here to humiliate anyone. I’m out here to be honest about my own journey of losing love and meeting new people, laugh about the plethora of ridiculous mistakes we all make, and God-willing, inspire others. I’ll always keep it anonymous. I’ll never — take that back — rarely — exploit images.



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